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Membership: Membership
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Annual Membership Fees 2023 Season

Existing Members £90 p.a.

Associate Members £20 p.a

New Member Offer:- First Year can be paid in two parts if required £45 immediately then remaining £45 after three months

Match Fees - All Match Fees for 2022 - £2.00 - No Cooked Meals, due to Covid 

Are you ready for the new season bowlers? Havers Park Bowls Club offers an extremely  competitive Annual membership with our senior members very much in mind. As a Havers Park Bowls Club member you’ll get access to much more than just a bowls green. You’ll enjoy a wide range of social amenities, and events, with a licensed bar.

      - Partners, family members or the general public are of course always welcome and free to sit and watch -


After Bowling Welcome Refreshment

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Edwardian Members in early 1900`s

All in their `Sunday Best`

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Bishop's Stortford Independent Article written by our very own Brian Hurst

Learn What We’re About

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Havers Park Bowls Club:
Our Founding Members

Our own Brian Hurst has written a feature for an article that appeared in the Bishops Stortford Independent newspaper this month. The photos below feature the founding members of our Club and probably date from around 1917. These members were all local tradesmen, shopkeepers, school masters etc. There is a list, but we have no way of putting the names we have to the faces. This will be the basis of Brian's proposed article, "Who do you think they are ?" Brian is hoping there are descendants who remain in the area who might recognise an ancestor or relative and contact us.

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Membership: Welcome
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